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Lantti Irres: Incredible New Girl

HOLYEE SHIT! Check out this incredible new girl Lantti Irres. She has got to be THE FIND OF 2013What Do You Guys Think?

I think she has been camming for a while and is just getting set up with a new website at Lantti-Irres.com. According to her blog, Lantti is looking for a photographer to work with.

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24 Responses to “Lantti Irres: Incredible New Girl”

  1. MisterC Says:

    Superb find, at the risk of irritating MissesC, what the hell, she knows I am somewhat wrapped around her finger. This girl looks young & natural, great talent. Cute too.

    Pic 1…all of row 2….All row 3….All the last row (& nice…23 pounds of breast)

    Shit takes me back to my early days when I met the Misses. For superb full looking breasts with weight to boot……&…..pic 1 row 1 & pic 2 row 2 are frickin “AWESOME” (some minor lighting changes would be nice, buttttt…damn)

    Based on what I can tell from the rest of the body this girl suffers from the same malady that MissesC does….”Her weight tends to accumulate in her breasts”….thank the lord. And, she still looks very youthful

    I’d love to be a breast talent scout, in which case in my humble opinion this girl is a 10 of 10 with room to expand.

  2. Lupodeserto Says:

    10.3kg = almost 23 lbs! wow!!

  3. MisterC Says:

    This girl is damned impressive. I suggest some volunteers contact her to do what I call a proper breast weight measuring routine.

    Proper breast weight measurement needs to be applied here. All to avoid any underarm breast meat from not being counted. This girl if she has any, might be even heavier than the scale weight in the last pic.

    The C household method is to leave the bra on & first check the “Total body weight”. Then standing behind the subject pull up on the bra straps above the shoulders just enough so as not to pull up on the band into & the shoulder area lifting shoulder bone & muscle. Don’t laugh it works, and gets that pesky “under-arm breastage included”. Then just subtract the weight differences. Of course in the interest of scientific excellence I suppose the weight of the bra would then need to be subtracted.

    I only mention this, because this girl appears to have excessively dense breast meat, which lends itself to much greater weight per cubic inch volume. In other words she might even be heavier than 23 pounds. Of course she may accidentally have some shoulder weight pressing down in the picture yielding to “stacking the weight” a bit heavier. But, in her case I am betting on them being more than 23 pounds due to the gorgeous dense look to them.

    I suggest the MisterC “Breast weight Measuring Technique” should be applied. Thus leaving no fleshy morsel not accounted for….

    Any volunteers for lab assistants…?

  4. hugey Says:

    MisterC – yes, these pics aren’t the best quality (light) wise – apart from he first picture, which had me swearing out-loud like a trooper when I saw it!

    I’ve just got my hands on some more Lantti Irres pics and will get a post out ASAP. Watch this space…

    Regarding the vacant lab assistant post, consider it filled :)

  5. AUHSOJ Says:

    The breast gods have blessed us once again!!! 2013 has finally received its new top model. I’m super thrilled to see what she graces us with next…what is in the water in Eastern Europe that these women come incredibly stacked and pretty? I agree with Mr. C she’s sure fire 10/10!

  6. barny Says:

    Just tried to Join and the link to CCBill doesn’t seem to work :( anyone else having trouble joining?

  7. bigboobluva Says:

    This woman is hot. She’s cute and her boobs are huge. Best new find since roxi red

  8. LisaSuzanne Says:

    thank you so much— Love Lantii– she has one incredible figure to
    go along with those lovely K cup breasts..
    Looks like she has a pretty good website too..

    Hope we see more of her this year.

    Your Seattle shemale xoxo

  9. Charles Says:

    Yes, definitely a stellar talent! Another Polish breast goddess! She needs to connect with the photographers working with Abbi Secraa would be my guess, to be at ease in her language, you know. She needs to have the best in the biz. Cute, pretty, not a fatty … fantastic. Website does not let me join either. Will eagerly wait till it’s fixed and open.

  10. hugey Says:

    Barny, Charles – Yes, I couldn’t get the CCBill link to work either. My guess is it’s really early stages and they’ll get it up and running soon.

    Like you guys, I just hope she works with a webmaster / photographer who knows what they’re doing. Talent like this deserves to work with the best.

  11. MisterC Says:

    How many does that make from that part of the world with top quality upper bodies. This goes back quite a few years based on my feeble memory. And, the total number coming from there are most impressive.

  12. festive Says:

    wow, hugely impressive boobs!….and cute face too! I like!

  13. peter Says:

    She gives all the huge models a run for her money. In size she’s playing in the same league like Miosotis…what a woman!

  14. oslouk Says:

    Hey well found Hugey….a few of her pics have been doing the rounds for awhile but they’d drawn a blank. Reminds me a little of Anorei/Lexxxi; she’s gonna clean up once she finds that decent photographer….very attractive girl !!

  15. Femsup Says:

    What a gorgeous looking woman. Beautiful face and very broad full breasts. I think you are right the find of 2013.

  16. luvembig Says:

    Great find, Hugey! Absolute doll face and incredible body to go with it. Once the site seems to be running, I’ll join and see how it is. She should hook up with Daktari Lorenz from Nadine Jansen’s site. IMO, he’s one of the best. Wouldn’t mind seeing her work with Cel, either. I know most are going to say no, not that slime, but I really like his photos and videos of the girls. I’d definitely say she’s the best find of the year. Absolutely gorgeous. Huge boobs and a beautiful, sweet face. What more could one want?

  17. CapnJB Says:

    Mr. C we have another more scientific method to measure weight! Our method uses displacement of a volume of water then calculating the weight… We did a photo shoot of that process a few years ago and it was a FUN shoot… I will see of I can find the series and will shoot them along to Huey for posting. :)

    da capn

  18. misterC Says:

    Can’t wait to see it. The nice thing about the bra method is that it truly takes into account those ladies with more “D” shaped rib cages. IN stead of the standard box shape. The D shaped girls (my wife being one of them) can have a lot of breastage under the arm due to the semi side hung breasts due to the curve in the “D”. But, I still want to see that clip or photo shoot sounds cool

  19. MissesC Says:

    “CapnJB” this photo shows the side hung under arm breast meat that I love, and also like finding a way to give credit for:


  20. MisterC Says:

    Sorry used my wife’s log in above, but that is the Mister in this case.

  21. CapnJB Says:

    Mr. C Hummm Wonderful view! BUT Our method might catch ALL or most of the breast “meat”… standby while I did through the archives.

    Misti too has “stubbies” as Mrs. C describes her breasts… They are not “long” but quite large in diameter. This makes the cup size lots larger than they appear when you “greet” them. ;)

    da Capn

  22. MisterC Says:

    We did an entire video (18 minutes worth “The Cleaning Lady”) that leads up to a underarm breast meat display. You might want to watch this, as I put my hands into the action at the 15 minute point & for 2 minutes tug on the underarm “breastage”……..Just skip to the 15 point. There is stuff there that can’t be water displaced I fear & in the Misses case if properly formed there is several cups worth of breastage (I like that word even though it doesn’t exist). Here is the link:


  23. ca uk Says:

    @mister c,, love the clip and wow see what you mean about all that breast meat underside… wish they were my hands ha ha i love the way her nipple is exposed from the black bra,, fantastic!!!! any chance you would ever do a video of you sucking her tits??

  24. MisterC Says:

    Probably not partner. We underestimated her popularity back in 2011. During that time period she was unemployed. I felt it was safe to put her face up in a few videos (her job was in a high profile office position), and that turned out to be a big mistake. At least for a faithful married woman. So we pulled those vids & photos. A vid. like you are talking about in order to be effective would require some exposure. So probably not, just so she feels safe.

    Glad you enjoyed the above video link, it was specifically designed to display under arm breast meat.

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